Jonathan Swift's famous phrases

Jonathan Swift's famous phrases

Jonathan Swift He was a writer from Ireland. He lived between 1667 and 1745. He is known worldwide for his outstanding work, Gulliver's Travels.

Jonathan Swift soon he was an orphan and his education, the readings and his portentous imagination were possibly his best scape valve of a reality in which he suffered a profound emotional misery.

Jonathan Swifthe was educated in the Trinity College from Dublin, famous for its spectacular library, which still endures. We find remarkable parallels with the style of the illustrious Spanish author Francisco de Quevedo, both in style and in the sense of his works. Over time, they would evolve towards a more personal style.

Jonathan Swift's famous phrases

"A man should never be ashamed to acknowledge that he was wrong, which is as much as saying that he is wiser today than he was yesterday."

"Everyone would like to live a long time, but nobody would want to be old."

"Books: the children of the brain."

"No wise man ever wanted to be young."

“We can observe in the republic of dogs that the whole State enjoys the most absolute peace after an abundant meal, and that civil strife arises between them as soon as a large bone comes to fall in the hands of some main dog, which he distributes it with a few, establishing an oligarchy, or preserves it for himself, establishing a tyranny. ”

"Nothing is constant in this world but inconstancy."

"When a great genius appears in the world he can be recognized by this signal: all fools conjure up against him."

"Vision is the art of seeing invisible things."

“No man will accept advice, but everyone will accept money. From which it follows that money is worth more than advice. ”

"The best doctors in the world are: the diet doctor, the resting doctor and the joy doctor."

"Freedom of conscience is understood today, not only as the freedom to believe what one wants, but also to be able to spread that belief."

"When the devil is satisfied, he is a good person."

“Ambition often leads people to execute the most vile tasks. Therefore, to climb, the same position is adopted as to crawl. ”

"Blessed is he who expects nothing because he will always be satisfied."

More famous quotes by Jonathan Swift

"Although lying is a universal practice, I don't remember hearing three good lies in my whole life or even those most celebrated by this faculty."

"Happiness is the privilege of being well deceived."

"Power is no blessing in itself, except when used to protect the innocent."

"The best preacher is time, which leads us to have those same thoughts that older people tried in vain to get us in the head."

"It is impossible that such a natural thing, as necessary and as universal as death may have been destined to humanity, by providence as an evil."

“Venus, a beautiful lady of good character, was the goddess of Love; Juno, a terrible harpy, the goddess of Marriage; both were always mortal enemies. ”

“Differences of opinion have cost millions of lives; For example, if the meat is bread or the meat bread; If the juice of a certain berry is blood or wine; If whistling is virtue or vice; If it's better to kiss a tree or throw it into the fire… ”

"No one can disobey reason without giving up the right to be a rational creature."

"The old and the comets have been revered for the same reasons: for his long beard and for the pretense of predicting events."

“Do you want to lose your enemy? Adule him. ”