History Issues

History Issues

At home they always told me that History and Mathematics were the most important subjects in education. When I was young they gave me the 9 heavy volumes of the History of England, of Hume and they promised me all the things that were promised to the children of that time like ponies, guns, or any other nineteenth-century thing, in order to encourage me to dedicate My energy to study those books.

If you examined me from ancient history, you would realize that what I don't know, far exceeds twice the size of a normal library. But some of the things I discovered about those heavy volumes are noteworthy. For example, I discovered that by arranging the volumes on two shelves, as you can see in the drawing, the fraction is equivalent to. It is possible to find other provisions, using the nine volumes, that form fractions equivalent to .

This riddle is very simple and will familiarize the little ones with the peculiarities of the figures. In addition, it is an excellent school that leads to endless number games, since you can continue playing indefinitely and create new problems.